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Greater China TY TEOH is a premier valuation and advisory firm joint venture between GreaterChina Professional Services Limited (8193.HK) listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and TY TEOH International to offer full range of valuation services including Business Valuation, Intangible Assets Valuation, Brand Valuation and Financial Instruments Valuation in Malaysia and Labuan.

GreaterChina Professional Services Limited (8193.HK) is a leading financial services provider with headquarters in Hong Kong and regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Harbin, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and London. It offers best-in-class solutions in the areas of capital market transactions, asset valuation and management, corporate services and risk management.

TY TEOH International is a leading regional chartered accountants, tax, and consulting firm with office presences in Malaysia and Labuan to provide a diverse spectrum of business solutions and consulting services to public listed companies, Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations, local small and medium companies representing a cross section of major industries.


Business valuation is a process of determining the value of a business enterprise or ownership interest therein while Intangible assets are assets that do not have physical substance but represent some value to the owner, we assist you to perform the business and intangible assets in accordance with International Valuation Standards including:

a) Business Valuation:

  • Business Planning
  • Estate, Gift and Income Tax
  • Financial Reporting
  • Goodwill Impairment
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Litigation and Ownership Disputes
  • Marital Dissolution
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Pre-IPO Advisory
  • Reorganisations or Liquidation
  • Shareholder Oppression Cases
  • Stock Option Plans

b) Intangible Assets Valuation:

  1. Marketing-related:

    Trademarks, trade names, service marks, collective marks, certification marks, internet domain names, trade dress and newspaper mastheads.

  2. Customer-related:

    Customer lists, order or production backlog, customer contracts and the related customer relationships which meet contractual criterion, and non-contractual customer relationships which meet the separability criterion.

  3. Artistic-related

    Plays, operas, ballets, books, magazines, newspapers, literary works, video and audio-visual materials, musical works, pictures and photographs and artistic works which meet contractual criterion.

  4. Contract-based

    Licences, royalties and standstill agreements, advertising, construction, management, service or supply contracts, lease agreements, franchises, operating and broadcasting rights, use rights such as drilling, water, air, mineral and timber-cutting, servicing contracts such as mortgage and employment contracts and non-competition agreements.

  5. Technology-based

    Patented and non-patented technology, computer software, mask works, databases and trade secrets such as formulas, process or recipes.

c) Brand Valuation

  1. For financial perspective

    • Compliance with accounting standards
    • Assisting mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring
    • Intellectual property management
    • Strengthening balance sheets and company accounts
    • Increasing shareholder confidence which consequently improves the share price
    • Providing financial transparency and solid proof to donor and contributors for non-profit organization
  2. For marketing perspective

    • Brand management and strategic development
    • Enhancing management communications
    • Benchmarking of competitors
    • Creating a brand-centric culture
    • Establishing royalty rates for licensing arrangements
  3. For legal perspective

    • Identifying value of intangible asset in an ownership dispute
    • Securing funds by value of intangible asset in insolvency situation
    • Evaluating economic damage in trademark infringement
    • Licensing claim
    • Partnership dissolution


  1. Cost Approach

    Cost approach is a general way of determining a value indication of a business, business ownership interest, or security using one or more methods based on the value of the assets net of liabilities.

    In the valuation of a business, cost approach presents the value of all the tangible and intangible assets and liabilities of the company.

  2. Market Approach

    Based on the principle of competition, market approach assumes if one thing is similar to another and could be substituted for the other, they would compete with each other, then they must be equal in value. The fair value derived must be based on a sufficient number of comparable companies / market transactions in order to derive a relevant and meaningful comparison.

  3. Income Approach

    Under income approach, it is required to forecast the future benefit streams over a reasonably foreseeable short term and an estimate of a long term benefit stream that is stable and sustainable. Using an appropriate discount rate, the future benefit streams (in the form of cash flow) are discounted back to the valuation date as present values and summed up to derive the fair value.


Over 400 Listed Companies on HKEx, SGX, NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCQX, Shanghai Stock Exchange have engaged us for ongoing work or specific projects.

A8新媒体集团有限公司 00800.HK
A8 New Media Group Limited
樓東俊安資源(中國)控股有限公司 00988.HK
Loudong General Nice Resources (China) Holdings Limited
奧瑪仕國際控股有限公司 00959.HK
Amax International Holdings Limited
六福集團(國際)有限公司 00590.HK
Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited
北控清潔能源集團有限公司 01250.HK
Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited
敏實集團有限公司 00425.HK
Minth Group Limited
北控水务集团有限公司 00371.HK
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited
新體育集團有限公司 00299.HK
New Sports Group Limited
中國全通(控股)有限公司 00633.HK
China All Access (Holdings) Limited
北亞資源控股有限公司 00061.HK
North Asia Resources Holdings Limited
中國金控投資集團有限公司 00875.HK
China Finance Investment Holdings Limited
保華建業集團有限公司 00577.HK
Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited
China Huarong International Holdings Limited
PICC Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited
招商局港口控股有限公司 00144.HK
China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited
仁智國際集團有限公司 08082.HK
Sage International Group Limited
中華包裝控股發展有限公司 01439.HK
China Packaging Holdings Development Limited
順泰控股集團有限公司 01335.HK
Sheen Tai Holdings Group Company Limited
中國建築國際集團有限公司 03311.HK
China State Construction International Holdings Limited
首鋼控股(香港)有限公司 00000.HK
Shougang Holding (Hong Kong) Limited
中核國際有限公司 02302.HK
CNNC International Limited
永保林業控股有限公司 00723.HK
Sustainable Forest Holdings Limited
Evergreen Products Factory Limited
通力電子控股有限公司 01429.HK
Tonly Electronics Holdings Limited
香港資源控股有限公司 02882.HK
Hong Kong Resources Holdings Company Limited
翠華控股有限公司 01314.HK
Tsui Wah Holdings Limited
金蝶国际软件集团有限公司 00268.HK
Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited
越秀地產股份有限公司 00123.HK
Yuexiu Property Company Limited
麗新發展有限公司 00488.HK
Lai Sun Development Company Limited
越秀交通基建有限公司 01052.HK
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited


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